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3D Population and Demographics 

Many companies use existing customer information to visualize their market penetration. What if you could overlay your current coverage with the potential population coverage in the same area? This would allow you to identify and quantify the fill-in between macro and small cells. Our data solutions improve the accuracy when reporting coverage shortfalls in the network.

MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

GEOTERRA IMAGE has developed advanced population and demographic indexes that, when overlaid with your current customer profile in a given geographic location, provide information that is critical to optimization of network design, maintenance and operation.


  • Quantify the economic and social reach of your coverage.

  • Develop your best marketing campaign based on current as well as potential customer segmentation.

  • Identify and profile network fill-in by staying ahead of population densification in a give cell, site ring or last mile fiber roll-out.

  • Maximize and improve your network OPEX through geospatial intelligence.

Advanced Population and demographic data is easily integrated with planning software or accessed through APIs, or on a web platform. Contact us for more information.

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