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Land Use

GEOTERRA IMAGE takes a unique approach to creating specialized datasets that provide current, consistent and comparable information to support decision services on all levels of Network planning. An ever-changing man-made environment across an entire national and regional network is mapped, classified and maintained over time.

Our unique Land use classification process takes into account the socio-geographic environment and ascribes land use classes to each individual man made structure. From residential to commercial and industrial, each land use class is identified based on a set of algorithms that provide our customers with the most detailed land use inferences that can be made in a multitude of planning scenarios. These could include network coverage potential, coverage type and site identification, to name just a few. 

These geocoded land use classes can be analyzed as part of any of the network planning phases, to add accuracy and value to the decision making process. Over time, our data solutions help you keep track of man-made changes that affect your network efficiency and efficacy. 

Our methodology can be applied anywhere in the world. For more information on available data formats and applications, contact us for a consultation.

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