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5G Network Planning

At GEOTERRA IMAGE, we have been instrumental in providing network planning data for all previous generation networks over the past 21 years. We understand the progression of the quality and resolution of Radio Frequency planning data that is required to take 5G to the market.


As network planner, you are looking at a myriad of applications that are being developed at this very moment, which will depend on the accurate planning of the network. The additional benefits that will be generated from these hyper fast connections are directly linked to the reliability of the grid.

To ensure the best rate of return, the use of high quality data packages is critical for accurate 5G radio propagation. Good coverage and geolocation of base stations are calculated on a higher resolution data output. 

We have developed world class 5G clutter packages with accompanying height data for 5G network planning. We strive to provide data products that will suit every radio frequency software package on the market. Enquire here to obtain sample data for testing purposes.

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