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3G & 4G Network Planning

Comprehensive clutter packages including linear features (roads and rivers) and height data (3D terrain models) at optimum resolution for Radio Frequency planning is critical to the successful deployment of tower infrastructure and resulting user satisfaction. The attention to detail that we employ when developing customized data packages for our customers ensures that CAPEX planning can be quantified and justified. Maintenance of 3G and 4G networks in many areas around the globe will rely on accurate updated RF data packages. 

4G Clutter.png

Given that our customers are always looking for improved solutions and network planning platforms, we also endeavor to evolve our data methodologies and outputs to keep up with the fast pace of technology.


For more information about our 3G and 4G Radio Frequency geodata solutions, please contact us directly. 

Traditional DTM.png
Traditional Vectors.png
Traditional Clutter.png
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