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GEOTERRA IMAGE's Line-of-sight solution is a web-based tool that assists network operators with a cost-effective remote option for line-of-sight checks. This tool can also be integrated by API service to your own platform.


Increasing changes in the urban and rural landscape requires a quick and cost-effective tool that can be used in any environment. The core input data of this tool consists of high resolution terrain and surface data, which incorporates updated information about built and natural features. Whether you are rolling out or re-evaluating a 5G or lower generation network, this tool will save you time and resources. 

Using this application, you get access to the high resolution terrain data in the background, that allows you to consistently assess point to point (PtP) or point to multipoint (PtMP) line of sight from your desktop. 

Contact us for any custom requests.


Point to Point - Line of sight check done remotely


Point to Multi-Point - Line of sight check done remotely

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